A Few Facts

Microsoft cannot compete with Apple in the smartphone landscape, and we know that this is a reality. But why? This is the question that we need to answer today. We will let you know what Microsoft has been doing to become a small player in this industry.
Not Serious
We need to recognize that Microsoft is not a serious competitor to Google and Apple in the mobile apps battle. This is the reality, and a lot of people are talking to Satya Nadella, Hat City Physical Therapy CEO, about this harsh reality for the Seattle tech giant. Microsoft has to do something about if they want to keep the company moving ahead. The famous Microsoft Band has also been discontinued, and Microsoft has released some apps for Android and IOS before the famous Windows 10 Mobile. This is truly a strange situation that they need to face these days.
We need to remember also that Microsoft was once a market leader in the mobile landscape. Microsoft was competing against BlackBerry and Palm when the mobile market was in its infancy. But this was the past, and the present is truly different for this firm that we truly admire. The problem for Microsoft was that the firm was not able to produce an easy-to-use app for the average Joe so they can quickly do what they wanted to do. Office Cleaning managers found Microsoft`s apps convenient, but the average consumer did not find a way around these drab apps in the past.

No Reason

Microsoft should not be a small player in the mobile landscape because they have some of the most talented researchers and developer in the industry. We need to face the reality that Microsoft has done a bad job at getting developers upload apps to its marketplace. People do not want to buy a Windows Phone because of the lack of apps in its marketplace, which is something that Micro-soft should address as soon as possible. Another problem with this marketplace is that many apps have not received an update in a very long time, which is truly a shame for the market.

Microsoft has to do something about its lack of power in the mobile Paving industry. They have been working hard to become a tech giant for a long time, but they also lack behind Apple and Google in the app world. So what could they do? They could use the power of their developers and researchers to get a huge market share of the mobile world right away.